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PG56BL57 Dc Planetary Gear Motor (Brushless Type)
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PG56BL57 Dc Planetary Gear Motor (Brushless Type)

1. Motor type: brushless DC motor
2 .Gearbox: planetary gearbox
3. Voltage: 12VDC, 24VDC ,36VDC
4. Speed: 0.5-500rpm
5. Torque: 6-450kgf.cm
6. Shaft dia: 15mm
7. Direction: CW/ CCW
8. Gear material: steel/powdered/POM
9. Housing material: steel
10. Typical application: electric curtain, robotic lawn mower, electric blinds
11. Customized service: parameter, shaft type, wires and connectors, encoders

  • PG56BL57
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Electrical Specifications



*Note:It's only typical technical data,special requirement can be customzied.

How to calculate the motor with gearbox output specs?
1. Output Speed(No-load)=Motor Speed(No-load)/Reduction Ratio
2. Output Torque=Motor Torque*Reduction Ratio*Gearbox Efficiency
1. Output Speed(No-load)=1800/19.2=93RPM
2. Output Torque=2*19.2*81%=
31.1kg.cm=3.2Nm (Should not be higher than Max. Gear Running Torque)

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