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M860 Stepper Motor Driver
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M860 Stepper Motor Driver

Voltage: 24V-100V
Output voltage: 2.0-7.8A
Weight: about 450g
  • M860

  • Leison Motor


The MA860HH is a high performance microstepping driver suitable for a wide range of stepping motors, from NEMA size 57 to 86. Based on pure-sinusoidal current control and technology ,It can be used in various kinds of machines, such as X-Y tables, labeling machines, laser cutters, engraving machines, pick-place devices, and so on. Particularly adapt to the applications desired with low noise, low heating, smoother movement , high precision.

Average current controltwo phases sinusoidal current output.
Supply voltage up to 80VAC or +110VDC18VAC or24VDC at least
Optically isolated input/output
Short-voltage, over-voltage, over-current  and short-circuit protection
14 selectable resolutions
Automatic idle-current reduction
8 phase current output selections
Offline function
High starting speed
Large torque output at high speed

Electrical Specifications

Supply voltage AC18-80V or DC24110V
Supply current 8A
Output current 2.0A7.8A
Ambient Temperature Operating Temperature -1045℃Storage Temperature -40℃70℃
Environment Avoid dust, oil fog and corrosive gases
Humidity 40%RH 90%RH
weight Approx. 450g

Connector  Configurations
PUL+  stepping pulse signals input positive
PUL-stepping pulse signals input negative
DIR+ direction signals input positive
DIR-  direction pulse signals input negative
ENA+ offline enable reset signals input positive
ENA-  offline enable reset signals input negative
When offline function effectiveother input signals are forbiddenoutput closedwithout holding torque.
The MA860HH can accept differential and single-ended inputs (including open-collector and PNP output).


Microstep resolution is set by SW5, 6, 7, 8 of the DIP switch as shown in the following table:
SW4 is used for this purpose. OFF meaning that the standstill current is set to be half of the selected dynamic current, and ON meaning that standstill current is set to be the same as the selected dynamic current.
The current automatically reduced to 70% of the selected dynamic current 200ms after the last pulse.

SW5 on off on off on off on off on off on off on off
SW6 on on off off on on off off on on off off on on
SW7 on on on on off off off off on on on on off off
SW8 on on on on on on on on off off off off off off
Pulse/rev 400 800 1600 3200 6400 12800 25600 51200 1000 2000 5000 10000 25000 50000

The first three bits (SW1, 2, 3) of the DIP switch are used to set the dynamic current. Select a setting
closest to your motor’s required current.

Output current(A)
on on on 2.8 2.0
off on on 3.5 2.5
on off on 4.2 3.0
off off on 4.9 3.5
on on off 5.7 4.0
off on off 6.4 4.6
on off off 7.0 5.0
off off off 7.8 5.6

A series motor configuration would typically be used in applications where a higher torque at lower speeds is required.
Because this configuration has the most inductance, the performance will start to degrade at higher speeds. In series mode,
the motors should also be run at only 70% of their rated current to prevent over heating. 

An 8 lead motor in a parallel configuration offers a more stable, but lower torque at lower speeds. But because of the lower
inductance, there will be higher torque at higher speeds. Multiply the per phase (or unipolar) current rating by 1.96, or the
bipolar current rating by 1.4, to determine the peak output current.

requireing 20mm spare space away from heating devicesavoiding dust ,oil mist ,orrosive gases ,damp, shake
Fault Diagnosis


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