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SD-2H044MA Stepper Motor Driver

SD-2H044MA Stepper Motor Driver


SD series stepper motor and driver is a combined  Ningbo Leison Motor Co Ltd latest high-tech products. With the rapid development of electronic technology, electronic products, processes and performance continually updated and improved, this product is very large scale integrated circuit hardware with a high degree of anti-interference and fast response nature of a fundamental solution to the traditional step - Electric low-speed crawling, there is resonance area, noisy, high-speed torque is small, low frequency and the drive to start and poor reliability shortcomings. This product is suitable for driving phase current in 4.2A any of the following a low-pressure two-phase or four-phase stepper motors are widely used in CNC machine tools, textile machinery, knitting equipment, packaging machinery, medical equipment, electronic components manufacturing and a series of automatic control.





Electrical properties (ambient temperature Tj = 25 o C hours)

advanced bipolar constant-current chopper drive technology. 
l High-speed torque output increased 40%, to avoid the lost-step (no-load start-up speed up to 300 ~ 420r/min) maximum speed of up to 3500 r / min. 
l Flexible output current set, fit different types of motors, with automatic half-current function at the same time, reduce motor heating. 
l the largest sub-set 128 to meet a variety of mechanical transmission and does not affect its output torque. 
l input pulse mode is set and high-low setting, easy to use. 
l protection Full: Enter the power supply overvoltage, undervoltage, output overcurrent, white short, drive high temperature alarm protection. 
l electric low-speed non-creeping phenomenon, noise, non-resonant region. 



Input Power 24 ~ 50V DC power supply, capacity: not less than 200VA. Typical Value: DC36V
Output Current 1.13A ~ 4.25A, 8 stalls adjustable with a resolution of 0.41A.
Drive Mode Bipolar constant-current PWM driver outputs.
Insulation resistance Normal temperature and pressure> 500M.
Dielectric strength Normal temperature and pressure 500V / minute.
Weight About 300 grams.

Environmental requirements

Cooling Natural cooling.
Use Avoid dust, oil fog and corrosive gases.
Temperature 0oC~+50oC.
Humidity <80% RH, non-condensing, non-frost.
Vibration Maximum does not exceed5.7m/s2.
Save -20oC~+125oC To avoid the dust, it is best to use the original packing box.


Function and Use

l Power Interface DC +, DC - 
DC 24 ~ 50DC, usually a linear power supply (see Appendix: linear power supply schematic) power supply, the user should be noted that the filtered rectified power supply ripple voltage, not more than 50VDC, so as to avoid damage to the drive, linear power supply rated output current should be larger than the current drive to set 60%. When using switching power supply should be attention to the nominal rated output current, to choose a match with the motor phase current switching power supply. General, the higher the supply voltage, the motor torque output greater steps to avoid the phenomenon of high-speed lost, but also lead to increased low-speed vibration, as well as fever, should be used with the mechanical requirements of a reasonable adjustment under the on-site power supply voltage, we adopted the test concludes that the most ideal voltage range of between 30VDC ~ 40VDC. 
Should pay special attention to input power wiring polarity, DC + for the power supply cathode; DC-for power, the wrong cable can cause damage to the drive! 
In order to meet electromagnetic compatibility requirements drive is recommended to use the company-driven design of DC power supply. 
l Set output current 
The Driver Design 8 file output current choices and drive the encoding switch (SW1 SW2 SW3) setting, the current size to the maximum nominal. SD-2H044MA type drives available 4.25A maximum output current, the current setting resolution of 0.41A. Coding switch (SW1 SW2 SW3) for each combination of a state represents a current value of the output settings, reference the table below: 
Current output setting table

SW1 SW2 SW3 Output Current SW1 SW2 SW3 Output Current
ON ON ON 1.13A ON ON OFF 2.86A

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